Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Biscochitos (New Mexico State Cookie)

It is the first week of December and my holiday baking has begun. This year I am making batches and batches of Biscochitos, the delicious anise seed flavored, shortbread-like cookie made famous in New Mexico. So famous that in 1989, the New Mexico state legislature made them the New Mexico State Cookie!

There are many versions on the basic Biscochitos recipe..all containing a lot of lard or butter, flour, sugar, anise seeds and brandy or rum. Purists insist that only lard is acceptable...they claim the flakiness lard provides is unmatched by anything else. I made mine with butter to ensure the vegetarians in the family can partake, but you can use whatever you like best.

My friend Pamela gave me an old cookbook Cocinas de New Mexico which while undated, looks to have been published in the 50's or 60's. The book includes a recipe for Biscochitos (although they are spelled Bizchochitos) and that is the recipe I used today. I used the exact ingredients called for but adapted the technique a bit. I am posting the recipe straight from the cookbook with my changes listed.

Biscochitos are traditionally made for special occasions like fiestas, festivals, weddings, baptisims and Christmas. The recipe states that the fleur de lis shape is traditional but, in keeping with Christmas, I made mine in bell shapes. I suggest you add them to your Holiday Cookie menu....they are delicious! Happy Baking everyone...

I love that the instructions are for an electric range. I used my gas oven.

  • I creamed the butter, sugar, and anise seed then added the eggs one at a time to ensure the butter mixture was very light and fluffy
  • I added the flour mixture one cup at a time and added the brandy after 3 cups were added.
  • I needed the full 1/4 cup of brandy.
Here are some additional cookie recipes for your holiday dessert buffet:


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