bueno foods-for frozen green chile if you don't live in new mexico
  • BUENO® Green Chile is picked, flame-roasted, peeled, packed and flash-frozen all within 24 hours of harvest. 
  • BUENO® Green Chile is 100% green chile, naturally fat-free, cholesterol-free, has no citric acid , no preservatives, no additives, no flavor enhancers, and no salt.
  • Bueno Foods requires its farmers to use certified chile seed to maintain integrity of the genetic strain.
  • Bueno Foods employs a full time field inspector to monitor chile crops from planting through harvest.
  • Bueno Foods conducts 50 to 100 quality checks per hour to ensure superior product quality and food safety.

the chile shop, santa fe
collections of railroad china, local pottery, micaeceous clay cooking pots, sandcarved stemware, handsome stainless flatware, and colorful handwoven textiles all chosen to coordinate an elegant southwest table.  Collections of vintage railroad jewelry, storyteller figures,  decorative tiles, handpainted retablos of San Pasquel, the kitchen Saint,regional cookbooks, and folk art ornaments have been selected with care to offer delight. 
Locals as well visitors who frequent the shop also know of the well stocked pantry of food items.  The Chile Shop’s house blend of pure chile powder is always in demand for its wonderful flavor and variety of uses.  Customers can also expect to find award winning New Mexcio salsas, decadent chocolate treats, hot sauces, regional recipe mixes, and many more food items to tempt everyone from the occasional cook to the “foodie” looking for new items to add to their pantries.
The Chile Shop
109 E Water St
Santa Fe, NM  87501

Made in New Mexico
Made In New Mexico, "Where Authenticity Matters"
Before we opened, we sold only items made in New Mexico from our famous "Made In New Mexico" store in Taos. When you visit Taos, your trip won't be complete without a visit to the "Official Home of Real New Mexico Products." The Made in New Mexico! store is located in a slightly-haunted adobe building on the historic Taos Plaza. It just wouldn't be right to sell cheaply-made or imported goods from such a historic location, so everything in the store is made exclusively by the artisans, craftspeople, and micro-businesses of New Mexico.
Our famous Made in New Mexico! store
Location & Hours:
104 W. Plaza, Taos NM, 87571 
Open EVERY day, except the following:
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Taos Fiestas
(Tip: Learn more about us here)

Pranzo Italian Grill Infused Olive Oils
Bring the Flavor of Pranzo into your own Kitchen!
Red Chile Chimayo

New Mexico Herb  oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary
 Shipping Available via UPS GROUND
Stop in or call to place your order
540 Montezuma Ave., Santa Fe NM 87501

Rancho de Santa Fe
"Do your taste buds a favor and try our international award winning salsa, as well as our fine bagged chiles, assorted spices, Chile Ristras, and Chile Wreathes; the most sensitive palate will be delighted. Our wonderful gourmet New Mexican mixes and breads will be a special treat for your social gatherings. We truly hope you enjoy the pleasure of eating them as much as we have enjoyed growing them for you."

505-852-0014 | 505-852-0255 (fax)
Plant: Old Taos Highway - Hwy 68
Suite 1417
P.O. Box 4, Velarde, NM 87582

The farmers and ranchers of the Rio Culebra Cooperative have been raising and serving some of nature's best beef, Churro lamb and heritage crops for generations

southwest chile supply- for frozen green chiles if you don't live in new mexico

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