Monday, June 17, 2013

it's back! summerfest 2013

so happy to announce the return of "summerfest", a collaboration between food network and a group of food bloggers.  a specific summer fruit or vegetable is selected each week, and food network chefs and bloggers each contribute a recipe featuring the item.  the recipes are shared on and all of the blogs so readers have a plethora of options to use up all the delicious summer produce.

this year's schedule is as follows:

19: Berries
26: Peas

3: Corn
10: Tomatoes
17: Watermelon
24: Cucumbers
31: Peaches

7: Eggplant
14: Avocados
21: Peppers
28: Figs

4: Beets
11: Grapes
18: Potatoes

wanna participate?  share your favorite recipe in the comments section of my posts...or link to your blog if you have one.  you can do this on all the other participating blogs too.  c'mon, the more ideas the better.  this is the time to raid the farmers' market, or your csa, or your overflowing garden and overindulge in fresh, local organic or sustainably grown summer produce.  on second thought, is it possible to overindulge in this area?

happy summer everyone!
my best,
california girl in taos

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